Therapeutic Massage & Energywork Sessions at Holsome

Alice Pan, B.A./LMT is offering the services in:

Relaxation/ Swedish/ Deep Tissue/ Myofascial Release/ Energy Healing/ Aromatherapy/ Acupressure and Reflexology and Pre & Post-Natal Care

Alice received her BA at Columbia University and later training and study at:

Ayurveda Massage at Ayuskama Ayurveda School

Advanced pregnancy Massage Techniques at AMTA – Nira Healing Arts

Holistic Healing/ Ayurvedic Nutrition at Anandham Vidya Peet ashram

NY State Massage Therpy Licensure at Finfgr Lakes School of Massage

Please contact Holsome at 609-279-1572 or Alice at 609-902-9305, email @

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