Appreciate Oolong Tea! We Have 16 Great ones here

Oolong is prepared by exposing green tea leaves in air at some warm temperatures to promote the natural oxidation catalyzed by the enzymes in the tea. If this process carried to its end point, a black eat is then formed. Oolong’s oxidation level ranging from ~10% to 30%. At each level somewhat different aroma and taste developed which can not be achieved by physical blending a green tea and a black tea. Harshness in green tea is reduced and the fragrant of flowers, and ripen fruits developed. Roasting adds yet another dimension in oolong. The skills and knowledge required to make a certain designate oolong consistently are very demanding.

At Holsome we offer oolongs from the lightest oxidation to heavy, different geological locations, climate variation and tea species, a total of 16 delicious oolongs for you to explore and enjoy.

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New Tea Flavors Are here!

We have recent added many more naturally flavored teas on top of 150 or more already on the shelf.

Green tea: tropical breeze

Tisane: org, apricot mango, org. strawberry kiwi, peach passion fruit.

Oolong: milk oolong(jin xuan oolong), orange blossom oolong.

Black: pina colada, ginger snap, org. lemon.

All there teas are great for your summer home made iced teas! or we can make them fresh for you here, it takes only 3 minutes!

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2014 Spring Puchong Or Baochung Teas Are In, My Favorite!

Puchong is a slightly oxidized green oolong. Due to this little bit of oxidation, tea leave’s flowery nature is brought out prominently and the harshness of pure green tea is subdued. A truly enjoyable tea either brew it common way or Gonfu style or even cold or room temperature brew to afford a beautiful jade green colored brew. Very popular in Taiwan. We offer the supreme and special grades which are equivalent to the Third place winner and the Honorable Mention in tea competitions in Taiwan.

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Pure Cedar Oil As The Most Effective Natural Way To Control Ticks, Fleas, Mosquitoes For Your Pets

Holsome offers 100% pure cedar oil for your pets and for your home, very safe and very pleasant. Bring a spray bottle and we fill it.

$20 for 16 fl oz, $38 for 32 fl oz.

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Over 400 herbs In concentrated granules Are Available At Holsome. We Can Also Do Custom-made Formula For You

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Most Delicious Iced Teas, Fresh Made On You order In Five Minutes, Hundred Flavors For You To Choose

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Holsome’s Delicious Baby Kiwis Are In Season Now, They are Totally Natural Grown On Our own Farms

Baby kiwis are real kiwis except they are sweeter  than regular kiwis and no fuzzy skin to peel, eat them like grapes. Kiwi is known to contain very high amount of vitamin C and minerals. They can be store in refrig for up to 3 weeks in veg compartment.

We pick them fresh daily. Come to Holsome to pick up fresh picked or order them by phone, $8/lb. We expect to harvest them for the next two weeks.

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Wellness Coaching with Fay Reiter, M.A., C.S.W.

Fay  has extensive experience and education in the field of health science and wellness.  She is certified as social worker and personal trainer in NJ and has been with RWJ Fitness and Wellness center for the past ten years.

Individual and Group sessions are offered.  To contact, please call 609-468-4045.

Through education and coaching you will learn to:

*  Set goals and objectives for making lifestyle changes which may include eating plans and patterns, exercise and stress reduction

* Learn the important skills needed to practice self-care

*  Receive support and guidance while establishing new habits

*  Create strategies for living a life that feels authentic and balanced

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Traditional Chinese Medicine Herbalist Available At Holsome Sat. And Thur. By Appointment

Tong and pulse reading, herbal formula are employed in this ancient yet proven approaches.  Various TCM modalities are expertly applied with benefits.  For appointment, pleased call 609-279-1592.

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For All Classes Information Please Visit or Contact Gemma At 732-642-9721

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