Therapeutic Massage & Energywork Sessions at Holsome

Alice Pan, B.A./LMT is offering the services in:

Relaxation/ Swedish/ Deep Tissue/ Myofascial Release/ Energy Healing/ Aromatherapy/ Acupressure and Reflexology and Pre & Post-Natal Care

Alice received her BA at Columbia University and later training and study at:

Ayurveda Massage at Ayuskama Ayurveda School

Advanced pregnancy Massage Techniques at AMTA – Nira Healing Arts

Holistic Healing/ Ayurvedic Nutrition at Anandham Vidya Peet ashram

NY State Massage Therpy Licensure at Finfgr Lakes School of Massage

Please contact Holsome at 609-279-1572 or Alice at 609-902-9305, email @

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Holsome’s Plum Tea Is A Delicious And Very Health Beverage

Our plum tea is a traditional herbal tea in China, also called “Suan Mei tang”. It is made from brewing dried black plum, hawthorn berries, licorice root and we also add hibiscus flowers and osmantus flowers to further improve its flavor and health benefits.

The benefits are to help digestion, balancing our body pH, lowering blood pressure, cholesterol and strengthen heart functions.

Available at Holsome, home made, moderately sweetened with organic brown cane sugar and iced. Sooo delicious! many of our visitors acclaimed.

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Black Buck Wheat As A Nutritious Food And As A Tea

Black buck wheat is not in the wheat family. It actually belongs to rhubarb and foti (polygoni) family is an ancient crop. The black buck wheat is cultivated at higher elevation (3,000 ft) in northern China.

It provides a complete nutrition we need plus beneficial nutrients and trace mineral. It is helpful in lowering cholesterol, lowering blood pressure and blood sugar, all these modern day health issues for many.

It can be cooked as rice, or with other grains. I prepare it with my morning oatmeal.

Roasted black buck wheat can be brewed as a tea with an enjoyable nutty flavor.

Both grain and tea are available at Holsome.

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Kong-Acid, An Effective Supplement For The Acidic Body

Exhaustive body hard to recover, gouts, sore muscles and joints, slow to recover after hard training, get sick easily could be many of the expressions of a body with too much lactic and uric acid accumulation. Kong-Acid may be a solution. Come to Holsome and talk to Paul Shu

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High Quality Chinese Ginseng Products At Holsome

Ginseng is regarded as the “king of Herbs” and “longevity Herb” in China for thousands of years. The word ¬†“adaptogen” has been coined to describe the benefits of such class of herbs. Ginseng can balance our body, physically and mentally, improve our anti-stress capacity physically and mentally. It is not a stimulant! as some to believe.

Holsome’s Chinese ginseng are from the prime region in north-eastern China, grown in the forests without using chemicals just like the wild ginseng. Collected after six years of growth as its content of beneficial components reaches a high level.

We offer the whole root in red and white, sliced for easy use and instant ginseng tea.

Since Holsome is the distributer of these products, we offer wholesale for qualified business too.

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Work Shop on “Understanding Homeopathy” By Dr. Vaishali On July 30, Wed 7-8 PM

Homeopathy is a gentle and safe way to restore ones healthy state, an established and recognized medicine. Please refer to our earlier announcement.

Registration is required with a fee of $20. Please come to Holsome or call 609-279-1592 for details.

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Holsome Farm’s Wholesome Blue Berries Are In Season Now!

Our Naturally wild-grown blue berries are ripening. We have planted many different verities twenty years ago, some ripen early and some later and they taste subtly different. Come to try our berries and you will experience the surprises each time! but all of them have rich tastes from the earth.

We live on our mini-farm where no chemicals and artificial fertilizer have been applied for more than twenty years.

Other products coming later are peaches and Asian pears in August, Apples in September, kiwi berries in October.

We will also have tomatos, smaller crunchy  cucumbers, Chinese Har Mi melons( somewhat similar to honey dew and cantaloup but much better!) this year.

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Healthy Boba Teas Are available At Holsome!

No non-dairy creamer, hydrolized corn syrup, artificial flavorings and instant tea powders come in drum size, instead of we use real organic dairy cream, organis soy creamer, or almond milk as your choice, organic whole cane juice, natural fruit and flower flavors and high quality tea leaves and we make them fresh in front of you. We have changed the definitions of boba tea!

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Homeopathy Consultation/Coaching and Remedies Are Now Available At Holsome

Dr. Vaishali will come to consult and advice on homeopathic approach to healthy living here at Holsome on Fridays 11am to 5pm and Sundays noon to 5pm.

For appointment, please call 609-279-1592.

Dr. Vaishali is a fully educated and degreed as a homeopath advisor with 15 years of experience to restore one’s healthy balance with homeopathic preparations and Bach Flower.

Homeopath is an alternative medicine created in the late 18th century by German physician, Dr. Samuel Hahnemann. The approach of homeopath is to enhance our body’s ability to maintain balance and self healing without causing any side effects. It is the second most widely used Path.

Homeopathy can be used for Acute and Chronic Un-wellness, such as headache, women’s complaints, Mind complaints,cold, cough, allege, Hormonal complaints, Digestion problems…

To correct the state of Un-wellness before the serious sickness is also very important in the principals of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

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Poison Ivy, Poison Oak Attacks? We have The Jewel Weed Lotion, The Natural Antidote

jewel weed can greatly shorten the healing process and the extreme discomfort caused by these poisonous plants, it also can be used to treat insect bites.

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