Appreciate Oolong Tea! We Have 16 Great ones here

Oolong is prepared by exposing green tea leaves in air at some warm temperatures to promote the natural oxidation catalyzed by the enzymes in the tea. If this process carried to its end point, a black eat is then formed. Oolong’s oxidation level ranging from ~10% to 30%. At each level somewhat different aroma and taste developed which can not be achieved by physical blending a green tea and a black tea. Harshness in green tea is reduced and the fragrant of flowers, and ripen fruits developed. Roasting adds yet another dimension in oolong. The skills and knowledge required to make a certain designate oolong consistently are very demanding.

At Holsome we offer oolongs from the lightest oxidation to heavy, different geological locations, climate variation and tea species, a total of 16 delicious oolongs for you to explore and enjoy.

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