About Holsome

Teas, Herbal Remedies, Vitamins, and Classes Are All Available at Holsome Holistic Center

HEALTHY & “HOLSOME”: “Everything we have is popular now. The health benefits of tea and also Chinese herbal remedies are gaining more recognition. We want to introduce even more people to our quality products, including the all-natural herbal remedies.” Paul Shu, owner of Holsome Teas, Herbs & Holistic Center on Witherspoon Street, is pleased to help his customers benefit from a healthier way of life.

When Paul Shu opened his shop in 1996, the focus was on teas and herbal supplements and remedies. That is still true, but in addition, there is now a variety of classes, from yoga to martial arts, as well as an art gallery.

“We offer yoga, tai chi, martial arts, meditation, Pilates, and Capoeira, and we also have a Chinese doctor who comes once a week to see patients,” says Mr. Shu.

“I want my store to be educational,” he adds. “I will give advice to people about the teas and the different formulations and remedies, help them to understand the benefits of these products, and encourage them to take care of their health with our formulations.

“We sell only the best and second-best in quality,” he adds. “We are very proud of our products and the knowledge we can offer people. We don’t sell anything that has been hyped or promoted. Everything we have is high quality, and we always ask ‘Is this item helpful and useful to people?’ Also, I never tell people anything I don’t know or am not sure of.”

Smart Decision

After coming to the U.S. from Taiwan in 1964, Mr. Shu studied at Notre Dame, receiving a masters degree in chemistry. He went on to earn a Ph.D., also in chemistry, from the University of Michigan. He later worked as a chemist at Johns Hopkins, the 3-M Company, and Mobil Research.

Change can be stimulating, however, and Mr. Shu says his idea to open his own business evolved gradually. “I like to help people,” he explains. “I can combine the knowledge and skills I acquired in research and apply them here. My hope is not just to sell you something, but to show you choices and help you to make a smart decision and find what is best for your situation and beneficial to your health.”

The visiting Chinese physician is another benefit to clients, he adds. “The Chinese doctor tries to find the underlying cause of an ailment, what causes the problem. For example, there are different kinds of headaches — migraine, tension, sinus, etc. He’ll investigate what is causing the headache. The doctor looks at the person as a whole, not just body parts.”

The shelves at Holsome are filled with an array of items, including a big selection of teas from China, India, and Japan; herbal supplements and remedies; also vitamins, aromatherapy essential oils, and assorted teapots and accessories.

Natural Approaches

Homeopathic remedies for conditions such as bronchitis, headaches, fatigue, tension and stress, are displayed. There are products to boost the immune system, help ensure a good night’s sleep, and aid weight control, among many others.

People are becoming more interested in natural approaches and treatments for health, believes Mr. Shu. “And of course, healthy food, exercise, and enough sleep are helpful for the immune system and prevention of illness. Prevention of illness is key and living a healthier life-style is very important.”

The benefits of green tea are well-documented, he adds, and it, along with many other teas, is in abundance at the store. All the teas are very popular, and customers have their favorites, both loose and in bags.

Mr. Shu is very knowledgeable about all the products he carries, and he spends time with customers explaining the benefits and helping to determine the most effective item for the customer’s condition. “We work very closely with people, and we are here to support and help the individual.”

Spacious Store

The attractive and spacious store at 27 Witherspoon Street features a selection of artwork and decorative pieces, which are offered for sale, as well as items, such as yoga mats, incense, vases and urns, etc.

A separate section is set aside for the classes, which are held throughout the day and evening.

Customers are from the Princeton area and beyond. Shipping is available, and ordering on-line will soon be offered.

“Everything has gone as I had hoped,” points out Mr. Shu, “and I look forward to continuing to serve the community as a source of information, as well as as to offer fine products for health and prevention of illness.”

Holsome will hold an open house on Saturday and Sunday in early May, featuring refreshments, tea tastings, free yoga workshops, and other classes.

Hours are Monday through Saturday 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., Sunday noon to 6:30 p.m. (609) 279-1592. Call for information on specific class schedules. Website: www.holsome.com.

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